The links below provide the latest coverage and up to date reports on the 2012 Presidential Election. You will be accessing and gathering information ( print and video ) from these sites for a variety of assignments this school year.

When visiting these sites consider whether the information provided is factual, opinion, or a mix of both and always be sure to note whether you are reading an article or an editorial.

Also note the source ( print publication, news organization, television program/network, radio ) and try to determine if the information is presented in a way that reveals a particular bias or point of view.

The "How To Watch a Debate" worksheet (linked below) has been distributed in class. Always remember that critical viewing skills are just as important as critical reading and thinking skills.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the sites linked below and when viewing/reading the content of a particular source remember to consider the overall quality of the information provided including accuracy, bias, point of view, and reliability.

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