Frank Capra made the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" to show the importance of every life. Everyone has the power to change things. This quote by Mother Theresa goes right along with that message, showing the every person makes a difference. "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." People just need a reason to believe in themselves, and it is friendship which helps people through hard times the most.

George Bailey had a wonderful experience going through his life being “rich.” He’s always been known to be a real genuine man. George is the type of person that always is helping others first rather than himself. For example, when he was younger, he saved Harry from drowning. In doing that, he sacrificed his hearing in his left ear. Also by the fact he puts other first shows his bravery. Another example of his good doing was saving a woman’s’ life because when he worked in the pharmacy he saw his boss accidently filled the pill capsule with poison and when he went to make a delivery, he didn’t deliver that woman her medicine and in return saved her life and saved her boss from going to jail. At one point in George’s life he felt like he wasn’t needed and shouldn’t have been born. His angel Clarence shows George what life would have been like without him. This made him realize what a significant man he truly was and all that he did for others. When he begs for his life back, he gets it back and lives his life with pride.
Mother Theresa once said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less full because of that missing drop.” When thinking deep into this quote, we can see that Mother Theresa is trying to say that every single person was put on this Earth for a reason. Each reason different than other, no two the same. George would have been that missing drop.

If the movie were to be released today, “Life is what you make it” by Hannah Montana would be a great song for the movie soundtrack. This song selection is appropriate because it’s your life that you are living and you make the choices that run your life. If you are going through life with a negative attitude, what good is going to come out of it? One group of lyrics that stood out to me was, “With a new attitude everything can change…make it how you want to be.” Lastly, “Let’s celebrate is, Join in everybody, You decide, Casue life’s…what you make it!” That’s importance because it’s all your call as to where your life goes based on the decisions you make. Life’s what you make it!

In conclusion, to this day, “It’s A Wonderful Life” remains a popular movie after first being released 60 years ago. Despite being an old movie, the genuine context and overall message of the movie has appealed to audiences for a significant amount of time. This popular movie has been in the top movies of all time and I predict will remain there for many more years to come. The lessons learned from watching this movie has the potential to leave a lasting impact about living a wonderful life, as long as it’s done “right.”