Amber Davis Government
1/4/13 Essay

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, has a character, George Bailey, who teaches us a very valuable life lesson. George Bailey is a guy that is kind hearted, enthusiastic, full of energy, and ready to take on the world. Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”. I believe this quote reflects the lesson that George was trying to get across. This movie shows that the meaning of being “rich” doesn’t have anything to do about wealth, but has to do with being happy and making the people around you happy also. Today there is a scarcity of people like George, and if we all acted like him we could make the world into a better place.
Since George was a little boy, he has been a good child, and always willing to help others. He saved his brother’s life by jumping into icy cold water to prevent him from drowning, and lost his left ear’s hearing in the process; he also prevented his boss, Mr. Roberts, from putting poison in his capsules since he felt depressed that his son had been killed in the war. The problem is that George Bailey feels like he is a failure and has not accomplished anything in his life. George was about to commit suicide, but his guardian angel come to earth to rescue him, he says that if it hadn’t been for him everybody would be so much better off and that he wished he wouldn’t have been born at all. His guardian angel granted his wish and George was able to see what the world would be like without him. Without George, Bedford Falls was a disaster and had affected the life of everyone. People never realize what they have until they lose it.
William Wordsworth once said, “The best portion of a good man’s life – his little, nameless, unremembered act of kindness and love.” This quote relates to the message of the movie because everyone loved George Bailey because of his acts of kindness. The lesson to be learned from this is that it is better to be poor and loved, instead of rich and hated.
One song that I believe is contemporary to this move would have to be, “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas. In part of the song it says, “I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder, As I'm gettin' older, y'all, people gets colder, Most of us only care about money makin', Selfishness got us followin' our wrong direction”. This relates to “It’s a Wonderful Life” because all Mr. Potter cares about is money and that’s what most people care about today, instead of caring about being generous and helping others, like George Bailey.
I believe this movie remains so popular today after all these years because the movie has the perfect moral lesson that most of the society today should abide by, even though a lot don’t. If we all acted like George Bailey instead of Mr. Potter we could make the world become a better and happier place. Remember, the meaning of being“rich” doesn’t have anything to do about wealth, but has to do with being happy and making the people around you happy also.