Teachers are responsible, just as much as students are for education. A "good" teacher is someone who dedicated their time, no matter the problem, to any student in need. Not only on a professional basis, but personally and emotionally too. The teacher should want to help students and see them succeed. Teachers and I have almost always gotten along. The teachers in Edmeston are thoughtful, nice, and always want to see you succeed. They will do anything in their power to help you, and there are plenty of programs that are willing to help students that need extra help. Teachers in the movie vary. They have the choice to help kids, and most want to. However some schools have no choice but to turn down kids because they have no room to educate them.

A "good" parent is someone who encourages their kids to do well in school. They will set rules, and make them put school work ahead of play time and other things. A "good" parent is someone who is always their for their kids, not only through school, but personally too. I didn't have that through school and I would have loved for someone to push me to do well in school. Although I am a good student and very independent, if I was pushed a little bit by a parent or guardian, I probably would be a much more successful student. The kids in the movie are supported tremendously by their parents or guardians. Although, they may not be successful in school, it is important to them that they are believed in; it motivates them.

A "good" student is someone who is motivated and wants to learn. They do anything and everything they can to succeed as a student. A student wants to get a good education. They respect the teachers and other students, they do all thei homework first instead of playing and doing other things, and they want to learn- not just go to school. The students in the video were very passionate and determined to get a good education. It is the most important thing in your life, and the kids that are passionate about education will get a good one, no matter what school they go to. They accept that they cant always get everything they want and they dont have all the free time, but they choose to put education first.

Things that impact and effect a student's education are the quality of the school and teachers, the sincerity of the teachers and parents or guardians of the students, and most importantly the students determination themselves. Students dont need a fancy private school, technology, and the high-class teachers. Technology is definitely a big effect on students. If they are focusing on technology and pre-occupied, they cant be studying. Students dont care whether they study or do homework rather than sitting on computer or texting or playing games. If parents and schools powerfully enforce students to stop using technology and study as much as they use technology, they would have a great education. If someone is passionate enough about teaching and learning, they will receive the best education there is. Longer school days and days in general is not necessary. Kids get bored after a while and they need a break. If there was school year-round, there should be more, longer breaks. Also, teachers that are older shouldnt get the privelage of not getting fired. It should be based upon how well the teacher gets along with the kids, and how their test scores are. To improve student achievement, the schools should keep the best teachers, provide the right amount of breaks from school and keep things interesting for the kids so they dont get bored. More hands-on activities are good, instead of sitting inside all the time or even just sitting at a desk. Edmeston is doing a great job with students achievement. There are not many students that dont graduate when they are suppose to, and it isnt the teachers faults, the students just give up, have no interest, and dont care what happens.