I decided on the topic: Gossip and Rumors because it is a big problem, not only in our school, but throughout the entire world. People are bullied whether it be school kids or people in college, or even in the work-force. Awaring people of the gossip and rumors and what is going on in the world is important. Putting a stop to the hatred and hurt that people give to others is empathetic.

Alyssa, Courtney, and I created a PSA video about Gossip and Rumors. We devoted all of our free time to create a video that children could relate to. Kids anywhere from second grade to even high school can relate to this video. It was made to inform mostly young middle school kids that talking and gossiping about people is not nice. Not only can you yourself get hurt from it, but you hurt others feelings too. I’m sure everyone has been targeted by rumors and gossip at one point or another and they got their feelings hurt. Imagine how you felt, not too good I’m sure. So think about what you say to or about others before actually doing so. You have the power to choose what you say and do to others, noone can control you. Dont feel like you have to talk about others or be mean to others to fit in because in the long run, its not cool. The video has lots of quotes and pictures that describe how rumors and gossip affects people. It can not only affect someone emotionally, but mentally and physically too. Kids can get depression, anxiety, and many more diseases and health problems from gossip and rumors. They may just be words to you, but to the person being targeted can really become emotionally disturbed.


I am a mentor for students of all ages. Every other school day, for forty five minutes, I help kids that need to get organized in school, talk about problems, or just need to have a little fun. Recently I have been helping the Pre-K get their belongings together at the end of the day to get on the bus and/or go home. They all make me smile with their different personalities. Also, once a week I help a little boy in the 5th grade organize his locker. I believe I can help the boy with his school work if he stays organized and it will be a lot easier for him. This has helped me realize things about others and myself. Also, my sister’s fiancées son is in the third grade. I often babysit him and we have a good time together and I know he likes to have fun and get away from home sometimes. The kids make me feel good about myself and we have a good time together, and they make me laugh. Throughout the school year, I plan to help kids of all ages with whatever they need help with. I feel like this helps not only the kids but me too. I know that being a kid is hard, especially through the hardships at home, school, and bullying. This makes me feel good about myself and gives me a good identity. My empathy towards the children is strong. I like to help them because I know if I had a mentee in school; it would have been a lot easier for me.