(4/11) Leonardo Guerrero was brought to the United States from Mexico by his mother approximately 6 years ago. Leonardo entered the U.S. illegally, speaking no English. When a kid like this enters the U.S. with no education and no knowledge of English, you'd think it might be difficult for him to receive an education. In fact, he was accepted into Harvard.

Leonardo is currently going to Florida State and in May he is due to receive his High School Diploma and his Associates Degree. "Hardwork and dedication and faith are the things that lead you to a better education," says Leonardo Guerrero. It doesn't matter what your background is or where you came from, as long as you try your best and work hard you can do whatever you put your mind to. However, a program in Florida chooses to help Leonardo financially and he got acceptance letters from colleges like Harvard, Stanford, and the list goes on. The program helped him with school supplies and food, but it was up to him to do the rest. Not to long ago, Leonardo was considered homeless. You have the power to get an education. Leonardo believes that you can change your lifestyle at any given time if you are willing to.

Leonardo didn't let anything stop him from getting an education. Starting from coming to the United States illegally and not knowing English to being considered homeless, he never gave up on getting an education. He may be financially unstable, but he received some help, and he is using it to his advantage. He says, "I want to show people that even though you may be poor, or you may not have parents, or you might not have the support you need... that those things don't matter." If you want something badly enough, you will try your hardest to accomplish that goal or dream. Some people may have empathy for you and help, but if you accomplish something, you should be happy for yourself no matter what other people think. Leonardo is right, it doesn't matter what you have or don't have in life. Sometimes you may be better off when you don't have everything else that others have. Leonardo's story is very inspiring, and I can't wait to go to college and accomplish my goals.

4/8 Good job stating the main subject or topic of the video in your Introduction and using your own statement. Some of the details and examples in the Introduction should be moved to the second paragraph. Good use of concept words. Please check over the underlined words and phrases for spelling and grammatical errors. Great conclusion... try to reword last sentence and substitute a word for the first "I" in your conclusion.

(3/21) A hospital themed, hooters based restaurant known as the Heart Attack Grill, rewards people's heavy weight and urge for greasy food. When entering the restaurant, you must wear a hospital gown, and you are served by young, beautiful "nurses." The spokesperson for the Heart Attack Grill, Blair River, weighs roughly 575 pounds. Anyone over 350 pounds eats for free, anytime.

Blair recently passed away at 29, from contracting pneumonia after he had just gotten over the flu. He may have been able to fight it if he wasn't overweight. John Baso, the owner of the Heart Attack Grill, admits he has a problem when his spokesperson dies. Although, he encourages the people that eat at his restaurant by dressing up as a doctor as well. "I absolutely agree, and in a very sick way, Blair's death has gotten the message out further," Baso says. Baso tried informing people about obesity before, owning a chain of Jenny Craig Weightloss Centers and Personal Training Centers, but they didn't make him money like the Grill does. Baso knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he believes its informing the people of what isn't healthy, but really he is just making lots of money. Just as soon as Blair died, the Grill chose a new spokesperson, Earnie Heart. It goes to show you that you can find many obese people.

People obviously would go to a greasy food place, rather than a healthy restaurant. Its your choice to make, whether you want to eat healthy or not, but no one is going to have empathy for you if you develop a health-related problem. The Heart Attack Grill shows you exactly what happens to people that eat there. The owner, employees, and customers encourage the eating habits of these people and yet still believe's that the grill promotes an idea of reality. It is a scarce idea of a restaurant.

3/23 Saw your corrections and added a concept. Good effort overall, conclusion still needs a little more work...is it the fact that food is greasy which attracts people]] or is it the taste...can't healthy food taste good? Need to do more with the new concept word in your conclusion. Could also use the word empathy when it comes to the owner and his lack of empathy for customers.