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Alexis Damulis

I had volunteered for our annual Red Cross Blood Shield blood drive for our health occupations class because I always wanted to be part of a blood drive before. I was assigned to be at the table that people that just donated blood had to sit at for 10 minutes , while two others and I supplied with food and a drink. For thanking people for donating I gave out Red Cross shirts.

Red Cross is a national donating organization that helps people that need blood. We had gotten 28 people that had sign up from OAOC (Otsego Area Occupational Center) to donate. This could of saved someone. Someone that needed blood. It’s amazing that the people that had donated maybe saved a life.
The skill I learned was that never left a person go to the bathroom after they get their blood taken because people will pass out in the bathroom. They have to eat, drink and sit down for 10 minutes before they do anything. Another thing I learned they kept a bell and if someone looks white and drowsy, you ring that bell. Everyone will drop what they are doing. Don’t ring it unless someone need tending to because the people will think its an emergency.
I would love to volunteer for Red Cross again. I really enjoyed the people that had worked for The Red Cross. They made me feel part of the team.
I just assumed that voluntary work wouldn’t be so enjoyable, but it was quite rewarding. It made me feel like I did something good knowing something out their will be saved with someone from boces.
Community matters a lot because in all honesty in the end you feel very good about yourself. You feel like you helped someone and that’s what made me feel good. Students should be required to do volunteer work because it would help them communicate better and you would make other people happy just seeing you doing the volunteer work.