Everyone has been made for some particular work,

and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

~ Rumi


2012 was the inaugural year of the ECS Speakers program. In an effort to promote college and career readiness, collaborative relationships have been established with ECS alumni and individuals who are serving in a wide range of positions that represent a diversity of occupations.

This page of our Wiki will serve as a virtual Speakers Gallery recognizing the network of individuals who have generously set aside time to participate in the program and share their knowledge, interests, skills, and life experiences with ECS students.

This community effort should raise student aspirations and help every student to "find their voice" as they pursue their passions.

Click on the names below to view each speaker's page and learn more about his or her education and career experiences .

These pages were created by Mr. Chase with the assistance of students in Government/Economics class.

Cassandra Treen 9/21/12

Emily Bliss 10/15/12

Brian Belknap 11/7/12

John Holdorf 12/18/13

Kayla Moriarty 1/24/13

Alicia Bowen 2/26/13

Brian Hunt 4/19/13

Hamdi Ulukaya 5/17/13

Bill Berthel 6/4/13

Brittany Lesavoy 10/18/13

June Dzialo 10/18/13

Audrey Benkenstein 11/1/13

Denise Richards 12/18/13

Eric Roberts 1/16/14

Jeff Idelson 2/11/14

Paul Landers 4/9/14

Daniel J. Zinger 5/2/14

Susie Knight 9/30/14

Ronald Pleban 12/12/14

Jeremy Robinson 1/13/15

Allen Ruffles 10/2/15

Christopher Belden 10/28/15

Allen Wengert 11/6/15

Allison Capozza 12/11/15

Ryan Corbett 12/11/15

Jared Miller 12/14/15

Brent Ridge and Josh-Kilmer Purcell 4/5/16

Jan Cheripko 11/21/16

Gwen Bennis 2/7/17

Timothy Shriver 3/2/17

Mikki Glass,Troy Haley, Amber Rolfe 3/31/17

Jared Okun 4/26/17

Nick Sorrenti 1/8/18

Corrie Damulis 1/26/18

Faith Tiemann 5/14/18

Brent Sopel TBA