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Friday, June 2

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    Steel Shed
    Community service is doing something for the community without getting paid. In my junior year of high school my welding class and I fabricated a shed that we would use to put steel in. The shed’s purpose was to put all of BOCES steel supply in. This project qualifies as community service because I got nothing out of it and volunteered my time to complete it. I along with others built the shed over the course of two months.
    I learned that building a shed is quite difficult. In addition to my growth in knowledge I learned the importance of keeping your steel undercover. Before the shed was built BOCES had to leave their steel outside, where it was open to the weather. The shed was built to stop the steel from oxidizing.
    I grew as a welder and learned the struggles a welder would encounter in the field. I can apply this to a career in the welding or construction industry. I now know the importance of measuring and cutting accurately. Also I have learned to always fit and tack your work before welding it solid.
    I would serve with BOCES again. My classmates that were on the project were competent and took pride in their work. There is always knowledge to learn and working on projects at BOCES is a good way to learn those lessons. Every time you work you take in the responsibilities of someone in your future career.
    At the start of this project, I believed that the project overall would be easier and that there wasn’t much to learn. During the project I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn. The project proved to be a challenge, but after everyone admitted that we needed help we got help from our instructor. Looking back on this project, I have realized that I grew my most as a welder on that project.
    This supported my values because I enjoy hard work. Also I believe that there is always more to learn. Hard work is important in the workforce because it can lead to being promoted and advancing your career. When you work hard employers will be more willing to teach you new skills and help you advance your career.
    Community service is important because it helps fix the community and provide needed services. Community service provides services that normally would be put aside because they can’t be afforded. Students should have to perform community service because it helps the community and shows students the importance of community service. Without community service many things would not get done.
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Tuesday, February 7

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