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    Employment Links:
    Ohio Northern University College of Law
    St. Bonaventure University
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    If you could be a student in high school or college again, is there anything you would do differently, and why?
    I would take more chances and not let the fear of failure get in my way of going for things. I try not to dwell on those missed opportunities and now that I am older I don’t let fear hold me back. Even if I fail, at least I will not be left with the “what if.” It has worked out well for me so far.
    I was always into politics as a high school student and would always talk about issues with my parents. I wanted to be a politician. I really can’t remember how I got on the law school track. I think it just made the most sense for me based on my skills and personality.
    What have you learned from some of the jobs you have held?
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    What did you enjoy most about your school experiences and your work experiences? Least?
    Hands down, my favorite experience in school was studying abroad in Canterbury, New Zealand. If any individual approaches me and asks whether he or she should study abroad, I will say yes! The best way to experience a culture is to live there. I have so many friends from different countries that come to visit me often or I will go and visit them. Just recently, I visited my friend Aliandra in Cesena, Italy. When I was studying in Canterbury, Ali was enrolled in their PhD program for Russian Studies. She currently known as Doctor Aliandra or Sister Aliandra.
    Any person(s) who have helped you to be successful at school and work that you would like to acknowledge?
    I have many people that have helped me to be successful, at work, in school, and in life. I have a very supportive family and they have supported me in every aspect of my life. I have also had many professors that wanted nothing more than to see me shine academically. If I handed in a paper that I thought was perfect, those professors would always push for more. By the time I was a college senior, I was ready for my senior thesis and law school.
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    Corrie's Education and Employment Links:
    Ohio Northern University College of Law
    St. Bonaventure University
    University of Canterbury
    Edmeston Central School
    Village of Richfield Springs
    Town of Burlington
    NBT Bank
    PaDar Kennels
    Herkimer County District Attorney
    Bona Buddies
    Stewart's Shops

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