2010 Political Ads Activity

This is a group response activity worth 100 points and due Thursday 10/28 when each team will present their response during class. For this activity each team will select and view two political ads from the ABC News web site linked below...

Most Intriguing Political Ads of 2010

Use the Political Ad Analysis Worksheet linked below to take notes on each video and then write a critique of each ad based on the notes taken...

Political Ad Analysis Worksheet

Use the team response pages below to post your critique. Identify the candidate(s) in the ad, political party, and the specific office/elected position the person is campaigning for. Your critique should provide a detailed analysis of the video addressing each of the categories listed on your worksheet. Review the notes on your worksheet and be sure to include specific details and examples to support your analysis of each video. Conclude your critique by stating whether or not you believe the ad is effective, and why? Please embed each of the videos on your team response page, so that you can share the videos with the class during your presentation.

Political Ad Analysis Team 3A

Political Ad Analysis Team 3B

Political Ad Analysis Team 3C

Political Ad Analysis Team 3D

Political Ad Analysis Team 3E

Political Ad Analysis Team 7A

Political Ad Analysis Team 7B

Sample Political Ad Analysis