To me, community service is all about volunteering your time to events or people for those in need. Service can be defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone.” Over the years I’ve done many types of community service but the most significant to me that I’ve done for several years is Relay for Life. This is important to me because my family has a history of cancer so it’s nice to go out to events and raise money for the cure of cancer. Throughout the years, I’ve learned different techniques of promoting, sales and advertising for these events in order to raise money. In the future I plan to continue to participate in this event because it goes to a good cause.

I learned that these events are held worldwide so all the money raised in our local communities and other local communities benefits everyone in need for treatment of their cancer if they need assistance and also goes to finding a cure for cancer. My very first year participating in Relay for Life I never thought it would be that huge of an event. I didn’t know how much fundraising was put into it and all the planning. Now, as the years go on, I get involved more and more so in the end it makes me feel really good about everything that we do to celebrate cancer survivors, remember those who lost their battle and fight for the ones who are battling.

This experience has supported my values because I’m all about other people, I feel like they should come first. Relay for Life really encourages me to make the best of everything and that there is always someone out there that is in a tougher situation. It’s also taught me never to give up on anything. As we walk around the track, I’m proud to see all of my family’s bags with their names on them. Although some say in loving memory, I knew they fought as hard as they could to beat the cancer, but I’m proud to be a part of family that has also beaten cancer as well.

Community service matters because it gets students involved for good purposes. Most people sit back and don’t volunteer their time because they don’t care. It should be required to do some act of community service because it’s beneficial to everyone. It’s a great learning experience that can stay with you forever. It makes you feel good about yourself when you’re helping others while it helps you too and makes you look good in the long run.