Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is a big part of my life and many others. Mentoring is a great thing in to do. Any one can be a mentor. The reason i became a mentor is because i knew a little kid that was being bullied in school and i decided to jump in and help him. He was sitting in the corner of the library crying and i walked up to him and asked him what was wrong. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me he was being called horrible names, and of course i couldn't let that go. I went over to the boys who were picking on him and told them they needed to go and apologize to him. To my surprise they both went over to him and told him they were sorry. Ever since then they have been best friends.

I became a mentor after that because it made me feel happy that i made a little kid happy. That was in 10th grade and here i am now a senior ready to graduate and still mentoring. I have a new Mentee and he is just as cool as the first one. He also gets bullied but he doesn't care. He loves to play basketball and he likes to just be able to hang out with me. To him I am like his big brother and to me he is my little brother. To me that is what Peer Mentoring is all about, being like family to that person to help them through tough times.

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