Next "In The News" summary due; TBA

For this assignment each student will view a network news report that relates to Participation In Government or Economics. Select and view a 3 to 5 minute video from the network news web sites listed below. View the video several times and take notes before attempting this writing task. Each student will embed a video on their individual wiki page which are linked on the lower portion of this page.

Write a 3 paragraph summary/narrative of the news story that includes a quote from the video and incorporates a minimum of three concept words. Please type the essay below the embedded video and include the due date as you will use the same wiki page to post additional videos and summaries.

PBS NewsHour

CBS News

ABC News

Fox Business Video

NBC Nightly News

Yahoo! News


Your first paragraph is the Introduction and you must clearly identify the main point or topic of the news story. The Introduction also provides an opportunity to refine and strengthen your first person writing skills by incorporting an original and attention-getting statement that includes a concept word. You may also choose to use an interesting statistic/quote from the story or even reword the title of the report.

In the second paragraph or "body" of the summary you must explain and discuss the subject of the news story. Include important facts, details and information that will help the reader to fully understand the topic. You must also incorporate a meaningful quote from the video and be sure to discuss why you chose that particular quote and provide an explanation for the quote if necessary.

Your third paragraph is the Conclusion and you once again use your first person writing skills to express your own thoughts and reactions to the news topic using a concept word. First person writing is more powerful and effective when you simply state what you believe, so please refrain from use of the word "I" when expressing your opinion.