"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

~ Winston Churchill


2011 marks the tenth anniversary of the events of September 11th. The education goals of The National September 11th Memorial and Museuminclude..."Provide opportunities for the public to make meaningful and purposeful connections between the history of 9/11 and their own lives." and "Suggest ways to honor the memory of those killed and extend involvement with the legacy of 9/11 through acts of civic/community involvement and volunteerism."

Each team (or individual) will create a music video that pays tribute to 9/11 victims, survivors, and the brave first responders. Keep in mind the education goals of the National Memorial when selecting your song along with the images and text ( quotes, song lyrics, Dale Carnegie Principles, concept words) for your video. Your video should inspire the viewer to make a difference in the lives of others through specific deeds and actions. Conclude your video by directing the viewer to the September 11th Day of Service and Remembranceweb site and encourage them to post a 9/11 Tribute.

Linked below are the project directions and guide sheet that were handed out in class. See me, if you need additional assistance with this activity and also visit the PSA Media Project page of this Wiki for additional resources.

The video embedded below was created several years ago by a student at our school. While this video is not about 9/11, it is about the topic of volunteerism and should help to inspire your own video project. You might choose similar quotes and images for your video, also note the student's choice of song and his use of video "effects".